Case study: The Motionhub Project

Southend is already a bike friendly town but could Motionhub encourage more locals and tourists to travel sustainably?

Motionhub combines electric car club, bike and e-bike hire from single ‘hub’ locations, accessible with a single membership. These provide first/last mile transport options available from a digital platform which also offers train, bus and other local transport options. This means visitors to a given location have a full journey planning, information and booking mechanism for their journeys. The aim is to create a viable platform for integrating transport services to provide convenient and sustainable transport choices for passengers and enhance end-to-end journey options. The website will provide:

  • Advanced journey planning systems encompassing all public transport, bike hire, car club and car hire vehicles options.
  • Booking systems to allow all parts of the journey to be purchased from a single site.
  • ‘Mobility as a Service’ piloting, permitting some/all of the transport modes to act under the MaaS umbrella.
  • Behaviour change functionality to support people to make the shift from conventional transport modes to more sustainable choices.

The demonstrator site will be delivered in Southend-on-Sea and will include several progressive stages. Bikes and e-bikes will be available 24hours a day, with 3 initial bike stations and rates from £2 per hour. 10 electric vehicles will be located in up to 5 locations across the town. Additional extra functionality and transport modes will be added by the end of the year. The service is aimed at local users in the Southend area, commuters and visitors to the area looking for the most cost effective and sustainable routes to complete their journey.

The project partners include E-Car Club, HourBike, EValu8 Transport Innovations, Transport Systems Catapult and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

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