Transport is changing. Innovative mobility projects are springing up all over the UK. Mobility as a Service initiatives are being trialled for the first time.

Whilst there are diverse models and interpretations of Mobility as a Service and differing business models, the idea has been grasped with enthusiasm by transport planners.

There is potential for travellers to gain a better, more integrated, travel planning and payment system through a single app, for operators to access new markets and provide services more efficiently and for planners to gain new data to enable them to plan and resource transport appropriately.

Landor Links provides specialist information across the transport sector. We publish Local Transport Today and Parking Review, and run high profile events including the Smarter Travel LIVE! series.

We believe there is a critical need for information and resources to inform the development of Mobility as a Service and a space required to facilitate discussion.

The Landor Links First Annual Survey of Mobility as a Service, published in conjunction with this site, explores this area. This website collects and collates new views, case studies and contributions to the ongoing debate on the nature and direction of MaaS.